Heart Down on Paper

A survivor, She took the pain and used it for the gain

Never letting anything in her path bring her down

Striving and hoping to put back on her crown

Fighting with her words, re-creating her life’s story

Not losing sight , as she moved towards the glory

Never paying attention to anyone telling her she was wrong

and then one night, in the midst of the storm,


Heart down on paper is what she heard

Write your heart down on paper, word for word

 The healing of your mind will begin

The power of your words will be your weapon

to defeat the obstacles that are in your way

To bring forth the power, within, To Win


After, she faced many trials and tests to distract her ,however

She ignored the voices trying to discourage her

Never losing focus, Her faith in God stayed strong

and one day, years later ,God sent someone into her life to tell her 

“Always follow your heart”, so that is what she did

Pen and paper in her hand, she created her lyrical masterpiece
with a new mindset, she finally found peace


Rise Up Women, Rise Up and be Strong

“You not only have the power within you to endure the storm, but to rise above it and find your greatest strength.”

Christine Ann 

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