I Have Won Baby

He was the breath upon her, her morning air

The one that took her out of despair

He was her King

Her life, her dreams, her everything

And now he stands besides another,

Forgotten her like she was nothing

He promised many things to her

Called her his Queen

He said she was in his dreams

“We are a team” he even told her

Yet now he gives his life to another

My words now are about YOU

Because I finally have gotten over you

Your promises were empty

Your words were lies

But I am not concerned

For I continue to rise

Stay away from me now

For you are no longer a part of my plan

and you were never worthy to even be my man

For I am still a Queen

with or without you

and I no longer care about what you do

For I have no feelings

They are completely gone

For when I see your face in photos, I realize

that I have WON

If someone hurts you, abandons you, betrays you, it says Nothing about YOUR worth, and Everything about THEIR character.

Move on… Move on .. and you will find someone who truly appreciates who you are

Always Remember, God will never take anything away from you without the intention of replacing it with something much better


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