Do You Know

Do you know my story

Do you know where I’ve been

Do you know why I have so much confidence now

As compared to before when I hated my reflection

Have you walked in my shoes

Have you been in my past

Have you seen my scars

Have you noticed that now I stand tall

As compared to before 

When I got punched

Knocked down to the floor

Crying out for help

Unable to walk away because of fear

Do  you know why I want to help others

Do you know how I learned to love myself

and my reflection

Do you know that he didn’t break me

and I still have my crown on

Do you know how I feel when I see others down

I want to empower women to discover the strength within

To make you realize that you have the strength to stand up for yourself

Never allowing another’s opinion 

to devalue yourself

You are a beautiful Queen

Be proud of who you are



Christine Ann


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