Love Lost, Love Gained

Love lost , love gained, this is the way life goes

what’s important is that you remain the same

unblemished from the pain

remaining the beautiful woman within

not needing recognition from the one that cannot see your crown

but ready to stand strong, stand willing to go beyond what you can’t see

willing to move forward to the place that you are suppose to be

the place that was destined for you ,  walking by faith 

not being held back by what you cannot see

stay strong woman, stand tall

realize that your time  is coming, your time is near

to be the queen ,to sit on your thrown 

being loved by someone who knows you deserve the best and more

next to someone, who appreciates you and all that you are

knowing that you are worth more than gold and the diamonds in all the world

 you will be given the love , that is meant for you

given your dreams to you and all your desires,

will be provided by the one who holds your name in his hand

the one who will never let you fall, he will be given to you

and you will call him your king, you will call him your man

You cannot be healed while you hold on to the pain, you must let it go, so that your heart is free to embrace love again

~ Leon Brown~


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images credit of LuLu’s








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