Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

Have you ever felt so low that you have no strength to fight? The tears are falling and all you feel is pain. I was at that place once. All I felt was darkness accompanying me all around. I felt that there was no way out. I felt hopeless. Feelings of despair and heartache took over me. It was like I was in pure torture, unable to break free from the chains that were holding me down.

I was betrayed by someone that I thought would never hurt me. I was left alone by someone I thought would never leave me. I was abused ,not only mentally, but physically as well. That part of my life lasted for more than 8 years. That part of my life is the past. A past that I have gotten over, a place that I will never return to again. 

That is a brief history of my past that I still long to tell. The story of my life. However, I have risen above it . I found peace and a way out of the pure despair I was in. I understand what it is like to be at the lowest possible point . I also know what it’s like to rise above it and find peace and freedom. This is why I have devoted my life to help others and to give hope in their time of need. I am here to tell you that there is a way out. I have found the answer ..something that was there all along , that we tend to overlook .

Within you , you have the strength .. You had it all along

Call upon God, He is there, He will lift you up and bring you out of the darkness

Walk By Faith , Not By Sight


When the dark clouds move in,we tend to let fear take control of us.
We can’t see what’s ahead, we only see the storm. We must remember that
Rainbows appear AFTER the rain. We sometimes must go through these
dark times in our lives to see the promise of God. We might not understand why
these trials come our way, but just Hold On,Don’t Give Up,Keep your head up,
He will bring you out of the hard times to see Your Rainbow.
Walk by Faith, Not by sight. There are better days ahead. Don’t lose focus
Do Not Fear the Storm. The waves might shake you ,but they will not break you
After the greatest storm, will shine your brightest rainbow.

~Christine Ann~


No Fear leggings by Christine Ann


No Fear Sneakers by Christine Ann


No Fear Watch by Christine Ann

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